Walker Inc
Walker Inc.png
Name Walker Inc
Type holding
Origin Flag of Lovia Small.png Lovian
Founded May 16, 2008 by George W. Matthews
Owner(s) King Dimitri I of Lovia (90%)
Robin Ferguson (10%)
Headquarters Seal of the Old Harbor.png Old Harbor, Seal of Noble City.png Noble City,
Seal of Sylvania.png Sylvania

Walker Inc is a Lovian holding founded May 16, 2008. It was founded by George W. Matthews and started as a holding managing The Ranch and other George Walker Matthews owned companies. Currently, Walker Inc is taking over Pierlot Holding, a long-period project. The first companies of the former Pierlot Holding within Walker Inc are Pierlot Pizza and All Lovia Omnibuses.


These companies are currently owned and operated by Walker Inc:

Company logo Company Description
All Lovia Omnibuses.png
All Lovia Omnibuses
Transportation company serving bus routes all over Lovia. A Walker Inc company since May 23, 2008.
Manufacturer of train vehicles and street, traffic and railroad signs. A Walker Inc company since March 3, 2010.
Pacific Railroad Company.png
Pacific Railroad Company
Number one Lovian railway operator, operating all rail transport on Peace Island. A Walker Inc company since June 11, 2008.
Major Lovian green energy provider. A Walker Inc company since December 23, 2009.

Company management[]


The Walker Inc stocks are divided over two major stock holders:

Until July 2010, 40% of the corporation's stocks were owned by its founder George Matthews. 35% of the stocks belonged to Pierlot McCrooke, who sold them to HRH King Dimitri on the same day in July.

Executive management[]

Expansion policy[]

As a result of the Big Business Deal all not media-related companies that are member of Founders Inc are transfered to Walker Inc, and vice versa. Job Billboard and The House Publishers are two examples of companies that were transferred to Founders Inc, while Air Lovia has done the reverse.

Another important source of expansion is the deal with Pierlot Holding that included the joining of all Pierlot Holding companies. Pierlot Pizza, All Lovia Omnibuses, and McMarket are all three results of this deal.

In early 2010, all food-related companies were transferred to Shadwell Inc. Instead, Loviarail was purchased by Walker Inc.

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