William Randolph Identity
Name William Randolph
Full name William Randolph
Sex Male Male
Born March 12, 1899, Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Deceased April 5, 1956, Noble City
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Film director and actor
Languages English, French, Italian

William Randolph (Newhaven, 1899 - Noble City, 1956) was a famous movie director and actor. He is most well-known for Rich Man's Pursuit, which he has directed and in which Randolph has co-authored the screenplay.

William Randolph married on July 16, 1928 and got 3 children; John, Graham and Lucy Randolph.

Cinematography Edit

Year Production Type of production
1942 Rich Man's Pursuit Lovian film
1954 Red Murder Lovian film
1954 Looks that Kill Lovian film

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