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The Wooden Hurbanovan Bank, abbreviated WHB, in popular language Hurbanova Bank and historically known as the Bank of Hurbanova, is a Lovian banking instance in Hurbanova.

History Edit

The Bank of Hurbanova was an old private bank based in Hurbanova. It was started in 1881 by Milos Radic (of Hurbanova) and William Brantley (of Scotland). It was the first and only bank in Hurbanova for many years. The building was built in 1884, right after the fire of Hurbanova had destroyed the older Bank of Hurbanova building. It caught fire when lightning struck the building on March 7, 1954. The third floor of the building was severely damaged and was rebuilt. The building was deserted in 1956. In 1963 an investor from Noble City, Carl Johnson wanted to restore the building to its former glory. The last priest of Hurbanova, Joe Smith showed that the building was too damaged to restore it using a rotten stick. He placed the stick, which he had found in the forests, at the ceiling and pressed a little bit, not too hard. The ceiling collapsed. The first and second floor were almost totally rotten away, while the cellar was filled with trash. Smith also found the building too small for a modern bank. He told Johnson it would be better too demolish the building and build a new building. A local amature historic, John Kelový, said that it would be idiot to demolish a building this old. The locals agreed and the building was declared a monument. Unfortunately for the building, Johnson left town and it started to desintegrate even further. In 1997 the windows were sealed to prevent people from hurting themselves. When the back and the roof collapsed in 2008, former mayor Oos Wes Ilava decided to save the building. The building is still being renovated.

The building was subject to arson in April 2013 and got heavily damaged.[1] As of May 2015, the building is just a pile of debris due to ongoing vandalism. The future of the location is still unknown, but the old bank will probably not be reconstructed.

Banknotes Edit

Bank of hurbanova $5

The Bank of Hurbanova began issuing banknotes in 1888. Originally there were 50 cent, $1 and $5 notes. In 1895 there was an issue of $3 and $8 notes. In 1901 the bank issued a third series consisting of 1, 2, 5, 10 and $25 notes. In 1913 the last issue of notes was made, which consisted of a $7 and a rare $50 note.

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