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Woodstock Inn

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The Woodstock Inn, just steps away from the Woodstock Forest opened early 2008, and was booked till mid July 2008.

When Lars Washington found it, the inn had been neglected for quite a while. He has been restoring it, a floor at a time. One will appreciate the high ceilings inside, the windows with the orginal glass, the hardwood floors and the many restored details on the staircase. On the rear side of the inn, there is a large family room which has a billiard table, a card table, a burning log fire all year round with comfortable chairs relaxingly inviting and a small bar where guests are most welcome to have an evening drink.

Accomodation Edit

  • Rooms: 8, all en suite, of which only 1 has wheelchair access.
  • Rates: $100 to $148, single or double, Woodstock breakfast included.
  • Open: all year round.
  • Facilities: Nearby restaurant L'Istrice d'Oro, Woodstock Forest , and the Smart Stadium.
  • The hotel is used for Wikitours travelers throughout the year.

Facilities and activities Edit

  • English cottage garden.
  • Lighted tennis court.
  • Outdoor jacuzzi.
  • Bicycles loaned.

Business travel Edit

  • Meeting space with pull-down screen and audiovisual equipment.

Reviews Edit

Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 3 stars.Has a simple, yet charming feel and great value-for-money.

Awards Edit

Rr-value Prix de Bon Valeur, 2008

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