Wrapping Up is a Lovian shop located in both the Plains Mall in Plains and the Tower Mall in Downtown, Noble City, offering a wide range of custom stationary and wrapping materials. The expression: Every day is a gift, that is why it is called the present is the shop's logo and should encourage everyone to be thankful for every day on this wonderful planet.

History Edit

Wrapping up Gift

Wrapping up

Wrapping Up initially started as a small shop in a mall in Wikistad in Libertas offering wrapping paper, ribbons and rosettes, paperbags, boxes, and stationary. Frequent travelling to different countries all over the globe, Lars Washington was encouraged to spread his wings and set up a small business in Lovia. During his first visit to Lovia, he immediately "fell in love with the sunbathed small Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean". The inhabitants of Lovia being kind and peaceful, he decided this would also be the place he wanted to have a second home. It was quite obvious, that by the nature of his business, he would be looking into finding a location where business could grow steadily in the shade of big companies. In his opinion, a small shop next to the Capitol would be the best location. The Tower Mall being opened recently, he was excited to buy the shop located on the ground floor, next to the escalators.

Product range Edit

Momentarily, Wrapping Up offers products very similar as to the shop in Libertas, but the shop owner intends to fully adapt his range to the Lovian market.

Some of our products Edit

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